Tips for Mattress Care

Purchasing a new quality mattress for your household can be a pretty sizable investment, especially if you are in the market for a high quality Queen or King mattress. The average life of a mattress is about 8 years or so, depending on the quality and type of the materials used. However, a little bit of maintenance and care can prolong the life and comfort of your mattress, and go a long way toward ensuring that your mattress remains in excellent shape for years to come. Slumberfy has put together a list of tips for mattress care to prolong the life of your existing mattress and keep you from needing to replace your mattress often.


tips for mattress care


1) Support Your Mattress

Ensuring that your mattress has correct support is crucial to maintaining a comfortable night’s sleep as well as extending the life of your mattress. Check with the manufacturer first for recommendations as each type of mattress is different. Not following the company's instructions can result in your warranty being voided. A box spring is generally used for traditional spring mattresses, as innerspring beds work hand in hand with box springs. A box spring essentially works as a shock absorber and absorbs the bounce of innerspring coils. Modern innerspring mattresses may not require a box spring, so again, we recommend checking on your owners manual or looking at the warranty page on the company’s website.

Memory foam, hybrid mattresses and latex beds use a platform bed or slatted bed frame for support. Use a mattress protector right from the start Before you start using your brand new pristine mattress, get a good quality mattress protector. This will avoid the inevitable spills from staining and molding your mattress. This is an essential item when it comes to very young children who may be more prone to making spills and bed wetting. A quality waterproof mattress pad will also keep out allergens such as dust mites, keep bedbugs from breeding, and keep your mattress from sweat, hair and body oils as well.


caring for your mattress


2) Rotate Your Mattress

No matter what type or size of mattress you own, every mattress requires rotation about every six months or so. Frequent rotating helps ensure that your mattress will wear more evenly, and makes sagging and softening less likely. Rotate the mattress 180 degrees from head to foot, especially during the first couple of years which you are breaking it in. This puts the hip area in a different part of the mattress, thereby changing the pressure point areas where most of the weight is distributed.


3) Don’t Jump on The Bed!

We’ve all done it as a child and sometimes even as an adult, but your bed is not a trampoline. Jumping on a mattress can break springs, wear out your mattress quicker and even wear out the foundation, or foam if jumping or rough housing on your mattress becomes a routine game. Make sure your kids know they should go outside on the trampoline instead!


4) Follow The Manufacturers Directions

Every mattress needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure a hygienic and healthy sleep. Your manufacturer's manual or website's mattress care page will provide general cleaning and stain removal care tips, and is a good place to start. Most stains can simply be cleaned with water and a soap solution. This is recommended first, since harsh chemicals on foam mattresses can degrade the integrity of the foam. For more stubborn stains, a steam cleaner using only soap and water can provide an extra level of deep and thorough cleaning. Allow your mattress to air dry thoroughly before putting any mattress pad or any covers on top since this can encourage and accelerate the growth of mold. Open the blinds and let some natural daylight in as well. Avoid using high heat to dry the mattress quicker, as this too can degrade the mattresses material. If you have already purchased a mattress cover already, stains are one less thing you need to worry about. Slumberfy offers a full line of waterproof and hypoallergenic mattress covers and pillow covers to help you protect your investment as well as your health. 

Proper caring of your mattress helps prolong its life and provides a healthier sleep for you and your family, and a good nights sleep goes a long way to improve your productivity, mood and health.

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