Best Cooling Mattress Topper and The Latest Mattress Technology

Maintaining an optimal body temperature during the night plays an important role in helping us to both fall and remain asleep, and is more than just a comfort issue. The ideal sleep temperature of a bedroom is about 67 degrees, which ensures that you are getting a deep sleep. Not only does a cool temperature induce sleep, but it also helps to keep you from waking up in the middle of the night.
cooling mattress technology

   If you are feeling hot or sweaty (night sweats) in the middle of the night, chances are you are tossing and turning in your sleep, and even waking up frequently. Cooling mattresses and cooling toppers are designed to remedy this problem when lowering the room temperature isn’t enough, and can offer you and your loved ones the best solution for a great night’s sleep. This technology works by absorbing body heat, thereby lowering body temperature to a more comfortable level. But there are several mattresses and cooling waterproof mattress protector  on the market, and choosing the right one can be a confusing task. Let’s try to make things a bit more simple by comparing cooling mattresses to cooling toppers.     
If you are currently in the market for a new mattress, then a cooling mattress may be just the thing you are looking for. They do cost more than traditional mattresses, but you simply can’t put a price on getting a good night’s sleep. Buying a high quality mattress is a good investment because it will provide you with several years of comfort, will last longer than a cheap mattress and help alleviate pressure points resulting in pain. There is no better feeling than waking up refreshed for the next day after a solid night’s sleep. Some cooling mattresses use gel-infused foam or graphite to help wick away moisture and body heat. In addition, most mattress companies offer a 30 or 60 day trial which makes purchasing an expensive mattress much less risky. You or your spouse may have also purchased the mattress online, which has become quite popular with companies like Purple and Saatva. But even if you try a mattress out in the showroom for a few minutes, that doesn’t always wind up providing that perfect night’s comfort you are looking for.
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   Now, perhaps your mattress isn’t old enough to justify purchasing an entirely new one, or it’s currently not in your budget. An excellent alternative to achieving a cooler sleep could be a doctor recommended waterproof cooling mattress protector by Slumberfy. Designed for foam and traditional mattresses, the innovative ArcticTex fabric pulls heat away and remains cool to create a perfect sleep environment. The pad is made out of a unique micro-coating that is completely silent and repels all liquids and dirt, ensuring that your mattress always stays clean. Our waterproof mattress protector is Oeko-Tex certified so you can rest assured there are no harmful dyes, chemicals, or substances lurking in the fabric. Shop Now or Contact Us today for more information. Even if you buy a cooling mattress, you will want to protect your investment with a high quality mattress protector, such as the ones offered by Slumberfy.
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