Bed Bugs in Mattresses and How They Affect Your Health

"What are bedbugs?"

Bedbugs are an unwelcome insect species known for infiltrating homes and disrupting peoples lives. These are very small, oval and brownish insects with flat bodies which are about the size of an apple seed. Once settled in, bedbugs feed on human blood and can cause itchy bites and skin irritations. Although they tend to breed slowly, a female bedbug can lay hundreds of eggs in it's lifetime which are no bigger than the size of a speck of dust, and this makes them hard to detect with the naked eye. Bedbugs initially reside in mattresses and box springs, where they have easy access to biting people while sleeping at night. Bedbugs are not known to transmit or spread any diseases, but nevertheless, are an unwanted guest in your home and bed, and can also lead to other known health issues as discussed below.


bites from bedbugs in mattress


"How do bedbugs wind up in my mattress and how do they affect my health?"

Bedbugs are often spread through personal belongings from homes which already have infestations. Some common items they hop rides on are backpacks, luggage, clothing or used mattresses which may be brought into your home. Additionally, bedbugs spread easily through housing complexes such as apartment buildings, condominiums and hotels. These areas give bedbugs the opportunity to bite and feed off of humans, which can lead to numerous health issues. These issues range from small bite marks to rare cases such as anaphylaxis (severe entire-body reaction). Secondary infections from the bite reaction may include impetigo, ecthyma and lymphangitis. Mental health issues can even arise from having bedbugs in your dwelling which may include anxiety, insomnia and systemic reactions. You can be bitten as many as 500 times in a single night if you are sleeping in a bed with a serious infestation. Therefore, the earlier a bedbug issue presents itself, the easier it will be to remedy the situation, possibly without the need for a professional exterminator.


bed bug protection

"How do I get rid of bedbugs?"

Getting rid of bed bugs is often costly and can sometimes require completely replacing furniture and bedding, depending on how serious the infestation has become. With roughly 1 in 5 Americans knowing somebody who has had a bedbug problem, it is important to take all actions necessary to protect our households. Bedbugs are not an indication of the cleanliness of a home and can happen anywhere to anyone.

Sometimes an infestation can be handled by the owner. Clean all of the bedding and linens in hot water and high heat drying. Use a stiff brush to scrub bedbugs and eggs from your mattress, and then thoroughly vacuum the entire area. Next, apply a bedbug killer spray by brands like Ortho, HARRIS and Ecoraider (following all of the directions very carefully). Portable steam cleaner machines can also kill bedbugs instantly. For larger infestations, an exterminator service such as Terminix may be required. The entire house may need to be treated, but the professionals usually offer a 6 month bedbug free guarantee for single homes.

Once the affected area has been treated, purchase a quality Mattress Protector, bamboo mattress encasement, or mattress cover. This is a simple, cheap and effortless method to provide complete mattress protection, and protect you and your loved ones from future infestations. If you haven’t encountered bedbugs before, consider yourself lucky, as remedying this situation can be time consuming and costly.

Consider protecting your mattress investment, and avoid the unwanted headache of bedbug infestations from infiltrating your mattress and affecting the quality of your health and sleep. Slumberfy carries a full line of products to help prevent bedbugs from settling into your bed and from becoming a major headache in your home.

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