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Over 40% of the population have a diagnosed allergic condition (1). In my experience, I have seen a wide range of reactions from household allergens including runny eyes and coughing to trouble breathing and constant fatigue. While these reactions can be debilitating, steps can be taken to help reduce the adverse effects of these reactions.

The most common cause of allergic conditions is dust mites, an almost ubiquitous organism in nearly every household (1). Given that we spend a significant proportion of our lives in bed, it’s no surprise that inhalation of allergens from our mattresses is one of the greatest triggers for allergic sufferers. These risks are compounded by the fact that mattress replacement is only recommended every 6-8 years (2). This gives your mattress an ample amount of time to build up a significant amount of dust mites and other household allergens. As a result, people continue to suffer debilitating (and avoidable) symptoms as their mattress becomes an ever-growing cesspool of allergens while being a center-point of their daily routine.

Fortunately, mattress protectors can reduce dust-mite exposure. Studies show that the use of mattress protectors resulted in significantly lower house dust mite levels (1) and less allergen exposure (3). Mattress covers were event found to be effective at reducing house dust mite exposure as part of a structured allergy-avoidance program (4).

Slumberfy mattress protectors have the qualities of being impermeable and hypoallergenic, as advocated by the research studies. Being manufactured with natural materials such as bamboo cotton, and without the use of dangerous chemicals, it has the added benefit of being poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) and Phthalate-free, which are man-made allergens associated with conditions such as asthma, that are found in many consumer products (5).

Mattress protectors such as those made by Slumberfy are a wise addition to avoid contact with allergens and, as the research suggests, may significantly reduce exposure to dust mite allergens - leaving you, your child or a loved-one refreshed after a comfortable night’s sleep free from troublesome allergic symptoms.

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