Bamboo Pillow Protector (Set of 2)


This breathable bamboo pillow protector is 100% waterproof and uses a unique jacquard weave that blocks dust mites, mold and mildew.    

  • Slumberfy Waterproof Bamboo Pillow Protector
  • Hypoallergenic Bamboo Waterproof Pillow Covers
  • Natural and Breathable Jacquard Pillow Case
  • Pack of 2 Pillow Protectors

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    •Lifetime Warranty •Lab Tested

    Machine Wash Instructions

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    Product Features

    • Waterproof Pillow Protector

      Waterproof Pillow Protector

    • ArcticTex Cooling Technology

      ArcticTex Cooling Technology

    • Noiseless Pillow Protector

      Noiseless Crinkle-Free Fabric

    • Invisible Zipper

      Invisible Zipper

    • Machine Washable Pillow Protector

      Machine Washable Pillow Protector

    Cooling Pillow Protector

    ArcticTex Cooling Technology

    Designed for pillows made with foam, down and synthetic fills. The innovative ArcticTex fabric pulls heat away and remains cool and comfortable to create a perfect sleep environment.

    100% Waterproof Protection

    Slumberfy has developed this unique micro-coated quilted bamboo pillow that is completely silent and repels all liquids and dirt. Your pillow will stay clean and fresh, resulting in a better nights sleep.

    Cooling Pillow Protector
    Cooling Pillow Protector

    Invisible Zippered Pillow

    The zipper on our pillow is so small and hidden, that dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens cannot get through it. You also won’t feel it when you’re sleeping unlike some other zippered pillows on the market.

    • Cooling Pillow Protector

      Dr. Recommended Bedding Products

      Your health is our number one priority. All Slumberfy products have been reviewed and approved by doctors to ensure that they adhere to our strict health standards, resulting in that perfect night’s sleep, every night.

    • Cooling Pillow Protector

      Oeko-Tex Bedding Fabric

      Slumberfy uses Oeko-Tex certified fabrics so you can rest assured there are no harmful dyes, chemicals, or substances lurking in your pillow's fabric. Sleep better knowing our bedding products are made with the safest and highest quality materials on the market today!

    • Cooling Pillow Protector

      Snell Labs Tested and Certified

      Protecting you from the substances in your mattress. Slumberfy’s Bamboo breathable fabric has been independently lab tested and certified by Snell Scientifics to block 100% of dust mites.

    • Cooling Pillow Protector

      EPA Registered Company

      Slumberfy is a registered agent under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The company registration number is 100825-HKG-1.

    Slumberfy's Cooling Pillow Protector

    • Cooling Pillow Protector   Slumberfy has developed a hypoallergenic Cooling Pillow Cover, using ArcticTex Cooling Technology to pull body heat away from the head and create the perfect sleeping environment. The high-end fabric cools as body temperatures change during the night, keeping hot sleepers cool and comfortable all night long.
    • Waterproof Pillow Protector   Let’s face it, life happens! Spills, dirt and other liquids can sometimes fall on our bed. But thanks to the innovative micro-coating under the pillow cover’s top layer, they won’t get in your pillow. Our pillow protectors are zippered with an invisible zipper to completely seal in the pillow, and ensure that no bed bugs or dust mites can get in! Invisible zipper is soft enough that even light sleepers won’t feel it.
    • Dust Repellant Pillow Case   Using a unique breathable weave, our allergen blocking breathable pillow cases are designed to repel dirt and other harmful allergens so you sleep well and your pillow stays fresh and clean. Our innovative fabric is tightly woven to ensure that even tiny dust mites or bed bugs cannot penetrate the mighty (but soft) barrier. Less dust in your pillow equals a better night’s sleep, every time!
    • Features and Benefits   Slumberfy’s Cooling Pillow Protector is made from a soft fabric designed to be noiseless - without the crunching or crinkling typical of other waterproof pillow covers – for a deep night’s sleep you simply cannot get anywhere else. Our Cooling Pillow Cover is available in the following sizes: Standard, Queen, and King.
    • Lifetime Warranty   At Slumberfy, we strive to provide a clean, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. We believe a healthy family starts with a healthy sleep. Slumberfy pledges to help you keep your family’s mattresses safe and protected for a wonderful night’s sleep filled with sweet dreams. We’re so sure you’ll love our products, we offer a Lifetime Warranty!
    Cooling Pillow Protector

    You have standards.
    So do we.

    At Slumberfy, we are dedicated to making products of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship. Our cooling pillow protectors are made with ArcticTex Cooling Technology, and guaranteed to keep your head cooler for a better nights sleep. Our pillows are micro-coated to keep out liquids, dirt, sweat, allergens and more. That is why all our products are backed by a lifetime warranty, and come with a 30 night trial to ensure that you and your family are thrilled with the quality and value of our products. We appreciate your business.


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    Slumberfy's Premium breathable bamboo pillow protector is completely waterproof and uses a unique bamboo jacquard weave that blocks all bedbugs, dander, dust mites, mold, mildew and more from penetrating and embedding into your mattress.


    This breathable bamboo pillow protector is waterproof and uses a unique jacquard weave that blocks dust mites, mold, and mildew.


    This breathable bamboo pillow protector is waterproof and uses a unique jacquard weave that blocks dust mites, mold, and mildew.


    This breathable bamboo pillow protector is waterproof and uses a unique jacquard weave that blocks dust mites, mold, and mildew.


    This breathable bamboo pillow protector is waterproof and uses a unique jacquard weave that blocks dust mites, mold, and mildew.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Great Pillow Protector

    Comfy Cool - great for a good night's sleep

    Mike Moskovics
    Great for night sweats!

    I am a very hot sleeper and since i bought this cooling pillow protector I am sleeping so much better.

    igor bronovitskiy
    not what I expected

    I had purchased one about six years ago and needed a new one.When I saw it I was really excited - in reality it does very little cooling.....Bummer..

    Linda Lawrence
    Grandma Lynn

    Cooling pillow

    Franklin Bruno
    Cooler Heads Prevail

    I never heard of Arctic Tex before but it definitely is a great material and keeps my head nice and cool all night. It looks like the mattress pad is made out of the same material so i'll be buying one of those too! Thanks!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Pillow protectors

    Ordered a few sets of the standard and king size protectors along with matching mattress protector. Nice thick quality fabric. Mattress protector is awesome. King size pillow protector is great, but dissapointed in standard size. The opening is really small and breaks easy. If you have firm or fluffy pillows its like squeezing a watermelon through an opening the size of a cantaloupe. Takes me as much as five minutes to gently work one pillow through the opening and the covers still manages to rip and have zippers bust out. Opening is just not big or strong enough. Only had a few months and two out of four of my standard pillow protectors are already broken.

    Delaine Cooke
    Pillow Protectors

    I was surprised at how thick the protectors are. I thought they would be too warm and not breathable. But they stay cool and are breathable.
    Now I see them as having longer lasting quality.

    Terrie Rodriguez
    Pillow protectors and mattress encasement.

    I bought the mattress encasement and pillow protectors. The mattress protector worked out great. I didn't have as good luck with the pillow protectors. The zipper on one of the protectors broke. The other pillow protector was fine.

    Above what I expected

    These protectors did exactly what they said they would do. The texture is soft enough that you will have no idea you are sleeping on a mattress protectors. They are also very easy to clean and durable!

    Thick and comfortable

    These pillow cases are slightly thick, kinda puffy and stitched in a way that makes them quilted! Super soft. I bough these as a backup to another set of waterproof cases. They are now my first line. My cat learn to spray. They do work!! This is a small amount of liquid not left for hours. Love these!!!